About us

Behind TheKorner

Hello! I’m Nor, the owner of TheKorner 
My biggest dream is having my own shop, and that’s why i started this small business. I’ve had a passion for K-pop and Korean culture since 2010, and have always wanted to create something to give back to the community that i love being a part of. That’s why i combined my 2 passions of K-pop & cute stuff with business and created this company you know as TheKorner!

I’m a 23 year old girl, who started this little webshop back in 2020 when i finished my studies. And since then, i’ve seen it grow and be supported by so many amazing people!

I love to create, and share my creations. That’s why i’ve also welcomed a bunch of amazing artists to be a part of my small world, so we can create together!

Dream come true

Deco Universe

We try to bring a sparkle to your life with the cutest stickers and stationery, so you can decorate your world.

Recycle Corner

We rehome second-hand kpop albums, photocards, official merchandise etc. Find your treasure in our collection!

Local & Handmade

Giving talented artists a platform to create and sell beautiful products to our cute community.


Our journey started back in 2014 when we opened the company named “GotKpop”, but the company closed down in 2016. In 2020 we reopened with a different name and a whole new concept, which is the one you know today as TheKorner.

Our name TheKorner is based on all the different corners we have + the letter K for Korean and Kawaii

We’re very proud to be the first danish shop to sell second-hand kpop merchandise! The concept was a little idea i had, and expected to be a side thing. But the response to it was greater than i could’ve ever imagined! That’s why we’ve started focusing a lot more on our Recycle Corner, and helping our customers find great deals on second-hand official Kpop items.
Donating your previously loved official Kpop merchandise is possible! Click here to read more!

Meet The Team!

Nor 🐄

Owner / Founder

Marketing, content creation, sales, product research & development, event planner, artist manager & everything else. Professional at never taking breaks or knowing when to stop 🫣

Shali 💫

Sister / Helper

Graphic master shali is behind most of our digital content! She built and rebuilt the website and gave it personality ✨

Artist: Shaligraphics 

Laura 🍇


Our little baby grape 🥺💚

Miriam 🌸


Hard working, reliable and super creative cutie 🫶



Artist: Miri’s Treasures 

Laura 🌱


The newest addition to our little Korner family 💙



Artist: Shadow Cuteness