Welcome to an introduction to Artist Corner by TheKorner ~ 

Keep reading to get to know some of our amazing artists! 

Artist corner was officially created January 2021! But the idea of collaborating with artists started around end of 2020, when TheKorner first collaborated with Siggihobbi to create beautiful BTS badges.  Since then many artists have joined the family and we are proud to present them to our lovely community! 

Our concept is to create a place for artists to share their art, crafts and happy vibes. We wanted to be the platform that celebrates being creative and crafty. 

As of April 2023, we have 30 artists and even more are joining throughout this year! 


Let us introduce you to some of our artists: 

Artist: Chazu    |    Nickname: mei

Hello everyone, this is Chazu!

My nickname is Mei and my pronouns are she/her ^^

I am finishing up my art teacher degree and design stickers on the side. My biggest inspiration is Stray Kids, as you might have seen with how many of my designs which are dedicated to them but I also love the anime/chibi art style for years so I would say that is also a big inspiration source for me as well. Designing stickers is quite new to me, I’ve done It for just over a year now but I’ve been drawing since I was 12 and it has always been a huge passion for me as well as something that calms me down, that and my fur baby Mizze^^

Have the best day! ^^

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Artist: Tofucrafts   |    Nickname: Sofie    |    Pronouns: she/her

Hello, I’m tofucrafts and I spend a lot of my free time crocheting 🧶

I started crocheting during 2020 and I’ve been at it ever since🥰

I love all colours but especially every type of blue, purple and black💙💜🖤 I have a cat, and he is the love of my life 😻 my favourite thing about being an artist at thekorner is to see all of your posts when you’ve bought a crocheted plushie made by me 🥹

I’m so touched and honoured to be a part of this community and to have my handmade items seen by so many people 🫶 thank you for all your support, can’t wait to get to know more of you! 💕

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Artist: miri’s treasures   |    Nickname: Miriam or Miri    |    Pronouns: she/her

I’m not usually a very creative person but I was very intrigued by the idea of making cute bracelets like I had seen some kpop idols wear and from that idea, I started making beaded bracelets and other jewelry and keychains etc.

I like to work with a lot of different colors to find out what looks cute together and find out what other people like as well. I have been making jewelry for a little over 2 years now and I’m always trying to improve and learn new techniques. 🤗

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Artist: Viichains   |    Nickname: Vii and Vilte is my real name ^^   |    Pronouns: She/They ^^

Hii !! I’m Vii and oh boy, where do I even start- I love to be creative and i’ve been having millions of creative hobbies ever since I was a toddler. Fun fact, I learned how to read, walk and even talk faster than an average toddler ^^

Skz were actually what inspired me to create this little “business” so i’ll forever be grateful for that ♥︎ Skz inspired it and now my friends + other kpop groups ( Especially Ateez ) are what makes me want to continue this “business” ^^

My favorite colors are black and forrest green ♥︎ My room is actually forrest green haha ^^ It’s pretty obvious Skz and Ateez are my ults, but I stan a bunch of other groups !! ^^ I’m a Stay, Atiny, Moa, Engene, Army, Once, Bunny and even more ^^

Kpop is the reason i’m still here, and i’m not exaggerating when I say that ♥︎ I’m a very caring and soft person, so I love to make friends !! I hope some of you that reads this will drop a dm and start a conversation with me, cause I truly love talking with people and making new friends ♥︎

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Insta: Viichains | Skzscatt ( Main ) | ( Trades / Sales ) | Tiktok: Viichains | Skzscat ( Main )

Facebook: Vilte Buivydaite in case anyone wants to know 😭

Artist: JewelBean  

My artist name is JewelBean. I’m a teen girl from Copenhagen and have always enjoyed doing various kinds of crafts, which is what led me to becoming a part of the Artist Corner Family! I especially love making jewellery, which is what is what I sell at TheKorner.

One of my favourite activities to do in my free time is penpalling. I enjoy sending and receiving letters and getting to know new people and cultures all around the world!

I’m usually drawn to warm pastel colours, because they remind me of flowers in spring 🌷 I have been an artist at The Korner for a few months now, and I love it so much already! 🥹 I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people through this community and am inspired by all the artists here and their beautiful creations 🥰

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Artist: Peachy Joii  

I’m Peachy Joii 🌷☁️

I’m an artist who loves everything creative, but my favourite things to work with are crocheting, digital art, beads and product development (especially stationery goods like stickers etc.).

I’ve been into creativity in all kinds of forms since I was in kindergarten – all I wanted to do was to sit for hours by myself and indulge in whichever creative project I decided to start.
I’m a sucker for pastel colours, which is heavily reflected in my work ✨
And my guilty pleasures are definitely beige palettes, Muji stationery, gingham patterns, wooden decor and plushies hehe. Honestly I have a hard time with getting the right inspiration in my day-to-day life, so Pinterest is my ultimate go-to!

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Artist: SoonDoongDori_Art

Hii, I’m SoonDoongDori_Art, and I go by she/they <3 I can’t function without music, and I even play a few intstruments and sing😵‍💫

I haven’t been an artist for that long, it kinda just randomly started when I got into Stray Kids last summer! I found their Skzoos cute and decided to draw them, and now we’re here😅 They’ve gotten me longer than I thought they would..

I started doing random makeup-looks when I were 12, and I guess that kinda ended up developing to me drawing on my face *and* on a screen.

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@SoonDoongDori_Art (art account) | @soondoongdori_trades (trading account)

@rando.h.a.k (main account)

Artist: bXc   |    Nickname: Laura    |    Pronouns: she/her

Hi! My name is Laura and I have been apart of the artist corner since 2021, where i make custom decorated toploaders with posca pens.

I stan a lot of different kpop groups but my ult is BTS. This whole journey all started with me drawing on different rocks, but then one day I thought why not draw on toploaders instead and get them to match your favorite photocards!

You can choose any colors you’ll like and I can do anything from simple designs to designs inspired by different kpop idols and groups.

Follow me on Instagram  @bangtanxdecotoploaders & I also have a kpop collecting account

Shop name: seungmiscutestudio     |    Artist name: Seung-Mi   |    Pronouns: she/her

I am a very active person with many hobbies! Next to my shop I love to sing/rap and dance to mostly kpop songs! 💕 I also love writing own storys/books, which help me to escape from reality for a few moments 🥰

I have a male cat named Yoongi, and he’s the most precious baby 🥹

I love love love watching movies, and I’m mostly into psycho thrillers and fantasy! I’m also a huge disney lover hehe 💕

Me as a person is a mixture of super cute pastel girly and emo haha! But my art is mostly held in pastel colors 🥺

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Instagram  webshop | Tiktok: seungmiscutestudio | Etsy shop

Artist name: Odinariness

My artist name is Odinariness and it’s inspired by one of my ult biases Soobins pet. I’ve been a K-pop Stan since 2023 and my ult group is Twice!

My favourite colour is probably lavender cause it’s so calming. I have a really fat cat whose name is just cat (very original). I’ve always loved drawing and being creative so this artist project is really a dream come true.

Most of my K-pop stickers are created based on music videos and concept photos.

I love trying to capture the vibe of a song or group, so the stickers reflect why people become fans of the groups.

The two pictures here are my favourite flower. Which is a hibiscus flower. This flower represents growth and the beauty in everything for me. The second photo is from the BlackPink concert. And I love looking at this picture cause it reminds me of the special community that K-pop fans share.

I only have an instagram for now @odi_nariness

Artist: Gemjellyart

Hi, my artist name is gemjellyart but you can call me Ivy, and I go by she/they pronouns ^^

As an artist, I want to try many mediums and styles, but I usually gravitate toward cute and fantasy designs. Aside from creating stationery designs for The Korner, I also enjoy drawing fanart and character illustration/design. I feel like it’s hard to fit myself into a box because of how many different things I want to try.

As for my other hobbies and interests, I love animated shows and fashion dolls ❤ I am a person with a huge thing for nostalgia, so usually, my favorite childhood shows, books/comics, and characters are a big inspiration for me.

I think my love for barbie, monster high, etc., also influenced my color palette because I often use pastel pink, purple, and blue with pink-ish red a lot. Though I like cute, pastel, soft things, I also like to add a slight twist to some of my designs/illustrations to make them more…creepy/uncanny/dark but not actually scary.

If you know monster high, then you know what I mean, haha. I think it’s also visible in the groups I ult – Ateez and Dreamcatcher. Among rookies, I really enjoy Billlie. I hope you will enjoy my art and the art of the other The Korner artists ^^

Follow me on Instagram: @gemjellyart  @atinyinsomnia

Artist: Shaligraphics     |    Nickname: Shali

Lastly, hello~ I’m Shaligraphics, the writer of this post ^^ I’ve been a graphic designer for many years and I started making stickers in 2020. I am a big fan of stationery & stickers since my childhood, I still got many of my sticker sheets, letter paper, memopads etc from 20 years ago!

The reason I liked Kpop was because of how colourful and inspiring artists like 2NE1, BoA and G-Dragon were 👑

I love starting projects in all kind of crafts and love sharing it with people of same interests 🥰  I also really enjoy making cupsleeves and decorations for the events held at TheKorner/Tealicious 🎀 

My sticker sheets are always inspired by MVs, movies, games, nature or fun life experiences~

Follow me on my socials: Instagram  |  YoutubeTwitter

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our artists a bit better! They definitely loved sharing a tiny bit about themselves, so do check out their socials and follow for more 💞🎨 
Also look forward to more posts like this coming in the near future ^^ 

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