Introduction to Artist Corner

Welcome to an introduction to Artist Corner by TheKorner ~ Keep reading to get to know some of our amazing artists! Artist corner was officially created January 2021! But the idea of collaborating with artists started around end of 2020, when TheKorner first collaborated with Siggihobbi to create beautiful BTS badges....

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TheKorner Events 2022

*View in desktop mode for better experience* ^^2022 was a year full of events! We started the year 2022 with a BLANKPINK event in Tealicious Frederiksberg and ended the year with BLACKPINK Week to celebrate the girls coming to Copenhagen! What a win! It was a very good year with many...

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A Pink Cutie Collection

Let’s get inspired! It’s becoming so popular to try on bulletjournalling, and to do that we’ll need some supplies~ We’ve compiled a few adorable pink and red items of stationary from our cutie corner for you to see, and get inspired by! What do you love to use for...

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Journal Spread By Miriam Kate

This is the cutest thing!! We love seeing your creativity, and oh gosh this is amazingg~~Thank you Miriam for blessing us again with your masterpieces, we love them so much, never stop making them! ❤️ Webshop that has the cutest customer goes to TheKorner ??❤️❤️ Some of the products seen in...

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